Total Cryptos Data

TC 100

The TC 100 is a price of the top 100 Crypto Currencies by market cap.
Currently market cap data only provided by coinmarketcap API we will eventually do this calc ourselves.

So what we do:
Find the top 100 Crypto Pairs with USD base (such as BTC/USD) by market cap (size, largest to smallest) Then we add all the prices and divide by 100. Then we add the total USD market cap for all 100 and display 2 numbers:

Price of TC 100 and Total Market Cap in USD.

Weighted Version
TCw 100

The weighted calculation is the same, except that Cryptos with the higher market cap will be ‘weighted’ as follows:
The market cap becomes a % ‘weight’ as follows:
Find the total market cap of the TCw 100 by adding all the market caps together for a simple sum:

10a + 20b + 30c = 60w
Divide each number by the sum
10/60a = .16  20/60b =  .33 30/60c  = .5 

Then when calculating the TCw 100, multiple the Crypto price by the weighted value, before calculating the average of TCw 100. So if:

A = 100   b = 200   c = 300
100 x .16 = 16     200 x .33 = 66   300 x .50 = 150 
so then calculate average of sum
16 + 66 + 150 =   232
This number should be saved as it’s own symbol, TC100 and TCw100 respectively